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It might seem romantic to declare after a week or two that you’re soulmates, but you’ll just come across as overbearing.

Give yourself a break and a breather by treating yourself to some time where your focus isn’t on your dates or dating.

Avoid overwhelming yourself or your dates through your phone, emails or last minute visits, and instead let connections instead build up naturally.

It takes guts to walk away from a mature dating relationship, especially if you’ve been together for a while, but hanging around is just wasting everyone’s time.

The sooner you break the news, the sooner both of you – especially your rejected partner – can mourn and move on to a better match.

It can be tempting to polish the truth about yourself when you set up your mature dating profile. Sure, these don’t seem like they should be dating deal breakers, and in themselves, they’re not.

We all want to show our best possible selves when we’re searching for a new partner. However, you’re only setting yourself up for a humiliating fall.

Whenever you’re interacting with your ex, just imagine how you would feel if they were doing exactly the same things as you were, and think about how it might make them feel.

Don’t lead someone on by continuing in a relationship that’s just not working for you.

I gave this one to my younger brother, hopefully he's taken it to heart! I wasn't really taught how to choose a partner wisely, or what to look for in the right person. Samuel Adams..wouldn't want to read a book written by one of those who shares a name with one of the greatest beers out there?

The authors took their many years of counseling and singles ministry experience, and put together this book. ;-)This was a very honest and thought provoking dating book. These are great tips and tricks on how to have an enjoyable and God-focused relationship with another person.

It’s essential that you balance mature dating with the other activities in your life which bring you joy.

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