100 shemales post op dating

Perhaps you may need more patience than the usual fish on here ... But no more so on Po F than anywhere else online or in life, except maybe some specialized transgender dating sites (I'm on a couple, you can message me if you want to know them, but I don't think either offers much promise--I changed my mail settings to make sure you can contact me if you want).

I was born a woman, and this is really sad but I feel that what I'm looking for - just a normal guy who isn't butt -ugly, not an addict, mentally sane - is like a needle in a haystack. I mean this with all respect but you must really feel you needed to join this gender to go thru what you went thru...it's not an easy one, by all means. I don't have any difficulty with that personally, and I try to do my part to help change that attitude, but it's a slow and laborious process.

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The XY chromosomes don't matter; we're not dating under a microscope. 3000 miles is too far away, and kind of tall for me, but otherwise seems reasonable, interests and non-smoking and so on.

Ah bless the poor heterosexual holding on to his fragile sense of what it is to be a man and what it means and then generalising this to me/others – why not go beat your chest tarzan style whilst calling me names – stupid stupid boy.

Are there guys here who would even consider dating someone like me?

Obviously there are men who will accept you for who you are. But, as Im sure you know, it wont be easy and there will be more rejections than acceptances.as well as anyone else that has not endured what you have. And yea, the new she had a feminine personality and was hot enough that most men would not really care how she became a she (nor would they likely know unless she told them), as after all, men run into women all the time with fake this and that, so what is the big deal with removing a phallus and creating a vagina....if the end result is and for lack of a better term, hot?What I do know, is that we are all marketing ourselves to some extent... I would--not you specifically, you're about the same age as my parents, and I'm looking for someone a few years younger than me, and certainly not 19 years older--though I much prefer pre/non-ops.and with that, basic marketing would dictate "selling to a buying crowd". One of my top crushes (I have 4 top crushes whom I like equally) is a post-op trans woman (she's also a celebrity though, and a professional athlete (Thai kickboxer), so she's probably out of my league..she's sweet at least).You're probably not wasting your time here, unless you're like me and lose track of the time when you're on the site. The mob of people on here do not want to date the individuals on here.

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