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(New work means new construction.) I liked old historic buildings, the craftsmen on site, the thrill of discovery as you remove layers of renovation.

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He controlled money and people's access to it and because of that, he had status.

In our adulthood, we each graduated from college, her from a prestigious private college with no scholarship aid; her mother worked for years to pay the tuition.

The local state college suited me fine, especially as I could attend courses at Amherst, Smith, and Mt. I majored in history with a minor in business and took overloads every semester.

After two years, I abandoned the liberal arts to get a degree in engineering. I reveled in poetry, literature, and history for my soul, while balancing them with economics and engineering courses to challenge the practical part of my mind.

I hire sub contractors and a host of the best restoration artists and professionals in the business as needed.

As a side note, I am nearly through writing a book on restoring decorative plaster work, with Anthony as my co author.An interesting field of expertise to be sure, but a tough one to earn enough money to raise a family on.On the other hand, I had the brains to get into a private school and dad certainly had the money, and urged me to do so.Those were the days when bankers made a decent living, but didn't earn a lot of money.Her dad wore a suit every day and everybody in town knew that sooner or later, they might need to go to him for a loan.High Society Beckons Her with a Slick Finger I read recently that when men and women are looking for a mate, they instinctively size each other up with regard to desirable features.

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