Asp net gridview rowupdating event not firing who is tyson dating

when I select from list, I want to set another check box column in gridview to true. Net way - If using Bound Field Columns Adding Rows in Grid View with Edit, Update and Delete Functionality - If using Template Field Columns Editing is only fired when you click an Edit button on a row - it occurs before the row goes in to edit mode.

Which "list" are you referring to when you say "select from list"? New Edit Index]; Check Box chk2 = (Check Box)Grid Row. Check weather Data Key fields is necessary for datagrid.. perhaps you were looking for this: NETvinz/archive/2009/06/04/ NETvinz/archive/2009/08/02/Hi Vinz, Where would I set the Edit Index ? But when I set Auto Generate Edit Button to True, and edit link link button is shown in gridview ..

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It might be because the field is empty which is causing client side validations. Can any one suggest me how I can get rowupdating event to fire in such a condition? As you've insert a validation control, if fires the validation when you click on edit.

The problem might be with the Auto Generated Edit Button.

Hi, I've viewed some of the other posts and although they come close to addressing my problem they still leave something lacking so here goes.

The Grid View control resides in a User Control which is referenced in an page that is housed inside a Master Page.

When I clicked the button, it returned the field I had changed to its original value and didn't return to the edit mode. Rhonda Hi Rhonda, I think Allen is right about the validator causing the problem.

Try this...remove your validator for a moment and see if your events start firing. The fix for me was pretty simple hopefully it will work for you too.

2) Is there something like Text Box without any values?

Perhaps your required Value will raise an error report.

You can't use small case letters change it to On Row Editing inside your gridview _______________________________________________________________________________ Don't forget to Mark as answer if it helps Hi 1. Because none of the gridview events are fired, during editing . And I need to click the edit button to edit the row... But when I set Auto Generate Edit Button to True, and edit link link button is shown in gridview .. Using a Grid View, you have the option of only having certain columns as editable using the Edit Item Template (make them labels instead of textboxes, for example).

Also, I don't want entire rows to be saved to the database .. I don't want to show the edit label also I don't want to click on this edit button .. And I need to click the edit button to edit the row... And again if I am using this edit button is it possible to edit only the selected columns . Just follow the links that i've posted in my previous post on how to edit rows in Grid View.

Hi, I have a gridview with some template columns and have set Autogenereate Edit Columns="True". But when I add a required field validator to one of the columns in edit item template rowupdating event is not firing. Here is a sample button: This does the same as Auto Generate buttons do.

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