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The first was the clothes everyone wore, they were really oddball stuff that no one in their right mind would wear....especially the guys who were wearing them.The other is the complete stupidity of the main character whose name we never even found out. An excellent slice of life series about a group of estranged friends who drifted apart after one of them died in a childhood accident.A pretty fun watch and fills in some gaps in the timeline.

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Starts off great with a fantastic story arc, however the series pacing and execution after that is fucking awful.

It gets bogged down with filler to the point where over half the series is filler.

If that weren't bad enough she is also moving through parallel worlds with different versions of herself are dating different guys in her life.

Overall this was entertaining enough although it did have some things that were a little annoying.

I saw this raw so I can't speak for the dialog or most of the story, but from I understood and saw this was very enjoyable.

The action is great and we get a look at all the color kings in one massive throwdown to stop some kind of corruption in Brain Burst. For once we get a main character who is a perv but yet also very powerful so he can get away with it without being constantly beaten half to death. The show also has good characters and decent action.Interesting, enough, but the CGI looks bad and it doesn't really do a good job of establishing characters.In the series' case that last part is important, because it's merciless in killing them all off and it fails to get me to care about all but a few of them.Very good romance....least up until the pointless and confusing montage thing at the very end which destroys any chance at a resolution. I'm just going to ignore any further projects by this dude, The Place Promised in Our Early Days was the only one I was satisfied with.I mean they're beautiful, very nice to look at but damn he's gotta work on having style AND substance.This was a bit surprising, since I went in expecting something like Ikki Tousen, but it ended up having a lot more substance and less fanservice.

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