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Whats App Taxi This relatively new Playa del Carmen taxi service allows you to simply text their number via Whats App texting service with your exact location, and they will send a taxi right to you!The cost is only pesos more than the official taxi rate, a great deal considering they drive to your location in addition to your fare.Typically, resort site taxi rates start around 0 pesos.

Some tips when renting a car in Playa del Carmen are to acquire one of our GPS devices so you can find new roads and never get lost.

Also, ask for our multiple insurance packages and additional benefits like baby car seats.

The numbers for Whats App Taxi are (984)197-0814 and (984)138-1075. Playa del Carmen Taxi Rates Taxi rates in Playa del Carmen are non-negotiable, so haggling is a no-no when paying your taxi driver.

That being said, local taxi drivers will sometimes try to charge you extra, anywhere from $5 pesos to $100 pesos, over the official rate, assuming you won’t know any better, especially if you look/sound like a tourist.

For this very reason, we’ve developed a guide teaching Playa del Carmen newcomers the ins and outs of using taxis in our beloved beach town.

Site Taxis Site taxis look just like regular Playa del Carmen street taxis, but they are more expensive and only located in designated site taxi stands.

Travel experts say that as spring break approaches, a State Department warning against visiting Playa del Carmen in Mexico in light of an unspecified security threat is diverting tourists from the popular resort area.“Passengers are definitely steering away and concerned about the destination,” said Olga Ramudo, CEO of Express Travel in Coral Gables, Fla.

But the experts add that Mexico is a large country with many large destinations, such as Puerto Vallarta or Huatulco, that tourists could choose instead.“Specifically related to Playa del Carmen, I would probably follow the State Department’s alert and suggestion, and stay away for a while,” said Eric Olson, senior advisor to the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center and deputy director of the Latin American Program.

Also, it gives you freedom of movement to explore the best things to do in Playa del Carmen at your own pace, such as the famous 5th Avenue, 3D Museum of Wonders or the best eco parks near Cancun.

Playa del Carmen car rental has never been easier, unlike other companies we offer car delivery from the Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya at no extra cost.

When moving to a foreign country or even just a new city, something as simple as public transportation can be a cultural obstacle.

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