Cllocationmanager not updating trend client server security agent not updating

This is the third article of the i OS Programming 101 series.

In the previous two articles, we showed you how to hide the tab bar and implement email feature in your app.

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In the Content Area, select “My Location Demo” under Targets and click “Build Phases”.

Expand “Link Binary with Libraries” and click the “ ” button to add the Core Location framework. Core Location framework, that you’ve just added, allows you to retrieve the user’s current location in the form of latitude and longitude.

Please suggest me changes that need to be done to this program.

I've done something similar to this by using NSUser Defaults to record the datetime it last sent to the server and using NSTime Interval to compare between the updated location's datestamp and this value. It's a bit of hack but it works with background running etc.

The Core Location framework provides the necessary Objective-C interfaces for obtaining information about the user’s location.

With the GPS coordinate obtained, you can make use of the API to decode the actual street or utilize the Map framework to further display the location on Map.Add the following code to My Location View Controller.m and place them right below the “get Current Location” method: #pragma mark - CLLocation Manager Delegate - (void)location Manager:(CLLocation Manager *)manager did Fail With Error:(NSError *)error - (void)location Manager:(CLLocation Manager *)manager did Update To Location:(CLLocation *)new Location from Location:(CLLocation *)old Location Now you can compile the app and test it by using the Simulator.You may wonder how you can use the i Phone Simulator to test location-aware application.It can even give you continuous location update if the user is on the move.Like other libraries in the i OS SDK, Core Location makes use of the delegate pattern.In this article, we’ll show you how to add GPS capability in your i Phone app and retrieve the user’s current location.

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