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Sit down and brainstorm every single expense that you can think of—right down to the toilet paper for the bathroom—then start researching how much each line item will cost.Startup costs include, but are not limited to, the following list. You should take into account your location and the size and type of your store: You will need to cover the operating expenses until your business reaches the break-even point.

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These payments must be planned for when starting a business—the cost of default is very high.

A grand opening event can ensure you gain exposure in the community, guaranteeing a steady flow of customers on your first day. On the other hand, on the high end, you could allocate 20 percent of your first-year marketing budget or no less than $6,000 to the promotions and advertising materials that go into this pivotal day.

You need to prove to the bank or any other backers that your idea is a good one, that you have calculated all costs and risks, and that you are worth investing in.

When it comes to borrowing money for your business, the cost of financing a startup business is usually directly related to the amount of risk involved: the higher the risk, the more expensive the venture.

This is when your monthly ) will be able to cover your store's monthly expenses.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you will most likely want to pay yourself a salary to run your store.Remember that your business will likely not be profitable in the first several months, and it may even take years.You need to keep the lights on, pay employees, and cover every other expense until you hit the break-even point.And while every new business is different, the first step is finding out what your store will cost to open and putting it all down on paper.magazine reports startup costs between ,000 and ,000 for different retail enterprises, from antique furniture sales to musical equipment sales.Usually, equity financing entails issuing stock, but this approach does not apply to most small businesses, which are proprietorships.

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