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It is part of an exhausting process in which some 1,200 Paisley Pattern shawls are, one by one, being photographed and digitised.

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Within that entire period there were various highs and lows, and a lot of that was linked to the fashions of the time.

If people did not want shawls then clearly it was more difficult for the weavers to make a living.

The town's shawl collection, mostly made from cotton and wool, is deemed to be of national significance to Scotland.

Paisley is bidding for UK City of Culture status in 2021 and has also announced £56.7 million plans to turn the museum into an international-class destination based on the town’s textile history.

Ms Craig added: "Some of the shawls are really fragile and they have to be handled with great care.

The idea behind the digitisation is hopefully that it will mean that the fabrics will not have to be handled so much in the future." Both take the view that it was a highly interesting project.

Said Ms Logue: "We've been shooting the shawls in a space in the ceramics gallery in the museum.

We use a lighting rig to illuminate the fabrics, and the camera is linked to a laptop.

The funding for the digitisation project came from Museums Galleries Scotland's Recognition Fund.

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