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In addition, adolescent suicide attempts have been linked to alcohol and other substance abuse, violence perpetration, disordered eating, and nonheterosexual identification.

have demonstrated that a history of childhood or adolescent sexual assault can predispose adolescents to future sexual assault and dating violence victimization.

In 2005, the NYC YRBS was jointly administered by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Department of Education.

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Childhood sexual assault has been clearly linked to adolescent depression, alcohol use, and violence perpetration.

on whether sexual assault is an independent risk for future suicidal behavior have been mixed.

The final sample of 87 schools resulted in a school response rate of 97.8% (of the 89 schools eligible).

Return visits were made to 50 schools to ensure an adequate response rate.

The second sampling stage consisted of randomly selected classes designated by period of the day (eg, second period) from grades 9 to 12 at each chosen school.

All students in the selected classes were eligible to participate in the survey.

In multivariate models, controlling for persistent sadness, sexual orientation, and significant risk behaviors, recent dating violence (odds ratio, 1.61; 95% confidence interval, 1.05-2.47) was associated with suicide attempts in adolescent girls, while lifetime history of sexual assault (odds ratio, 3.86; 95% confidence interval, 2.11-7.06) was associated with suicide attempts in adolescent boys.

In this population of urban youth, recent dating violence among females and lifetime history of sexual assault among males were significantly associated with suicide attempts.

Respondents were 50.0% female and primarily black (36.0%) or Hispanic (40.1%).

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