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Up until that point, most Filipinos had a single name, which made it difficult to operate a bureaucracy.Delman said Claveria released a catalogue of names for families to be assigned a surname, which was enforced by the education system and local parish priests.Gathering family members under one last name allows authorities to know who you are, who you belong to and from whence you came.recently wrote that governments need fixed names for families to keep track of people, to draft them and to tax them.

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It seems he wasn't a man of any great social or political importance, but a quintessential German immigrant with a dream of a better life. I am doing my family tree and my 3x great grandfather was William Bailey.

He must have known the value of a dollar though, as he retired from the police in 1871, when I believe they dropped the wages by sixpence! I have tried the Bathurst family history and Forbes family history but have not been able to come up with very much.

Prussia, Bavaria the Russian Empire and other states with large Jewish populations followed suit over the next century.

Prussion and Russian Jews were denied citizenship if they did not abide by the rule.

But these days, some political scientists say birth and death certificates, specific addresses (2 Smith Street Smithville NSW rather than ‘somewhere along the Castlereagh’), identity cards, passports, social security numbers, photographs, fingerprints and now DNA are now replacing the surname as a political tool to control the population.

I am particularly interested in the Charles and Allen Families that came from Dubbo and surrounds.Even though Turkey was a multi-ethnic and multi-faith state, The Surname Law sought to eradicate any personal markers that might differentiate a non-Turk from the greater Turkish state.This was to create a Turkey national identity for the multi-cultural society.Delman claims modern-day Turks also have government-enforced surnames.He says in 1934 the Turkish government introduced the measure to help build a modern, westernized nation out of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire.Please take some time to review the chat rules at the bottom of the page. You can watch hundreds of sexy girls on webcam and video chat with them for FREE!

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