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They were heavily armed and had 1 AK47 and a couple of pistols.

They also had some kind of drug in a vial and a syringe which they said they were going to use on me if I didnt cooperate (thats what they used on our guard after beating him up).

There were 3 others and we found them in the house pointing a gun at my dads head - his hands were tied and I can never forget the look on his face and his body language (total helplessness).

I had also talked to my parents once and they let me know that they'd asked someone to pray at the Holy Mosque in Mecca and Medina. All of this info (the people following us on the bike, the car accident and the praying) definitely got to them and I think they made a decision to get a ransom ASAP and let me go.

They were a superstitious bunch and at some level were trying to justify what they were doing in a rational way.

At the end, closer to day break they let us know that they didnt find enough in the house and were going to take me with them for ransom.

They let me change and I said one of the most painful goodbyes to my parents - basically we were prepared to not see each other in this world ever again.

Russian President Vladmir Putin has asked 755 US diplomats to leave the country.

The action was taken three days after the US Congress approved sanctions against Russia.

They were either afraid of these guys or were in on the take.

The other 2 who took our car came back by evening, also a bit shaken up.

They had encountered the police and our car had been banged up a bit because it had fallen into a canal.

I'm a Muslim and have strong faith, so I had been praying and reciting the Quran which seemed to unsettle them a bit.

But it has left a scar - life will never be the same again.

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