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You can quit out to a hub and pick specific events to play, or view and share photos.

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"We thought it was a good example of how Kinect is not inherently good or bad, but rather a tool for a creator to use." is an incredible Kinect game.

It's perfectly responsive, mirroring players' bodies in ways that Microsoft always promised its motion-tracking software would work.

By extension, I am a Kinect Party convert, and so are my kids.

A sequel to Happy Action Theater, which I reviewed together with my family earlier this year, Kinect Party successfully uses Microsoft’s super-duper techno Wall-E lookalike camera in the most sensible manner imaginable: as a portal into a virtual rumpus room.

The Kinect wasn't off to a roaring start to begin with, but Through Games was down to take a gamble on an innovative idea.

Besides, during the first few months of 's development, the Kinect was guaranteed to be sold with every new Xbox One. "I'd be lying if I said the status of Kinect didn't affect us," Traverso tells me.

Leave it in Autoplay Mode and it will run through all 36 of its “channels”, so named as each event or stage is presented as a self-contained program of sorts.

These events, stages, channels, toys, whatever you want to call them, are split between new and old; 18 of these are brand new, the other 18 come directly from the aforementioned Happy Action Theater.

Otherwise, everything works smooth and easy as can be.

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