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This could help.” Science is so in this season in Brooklyn, where a team of fashion-forward researchers is growing real leather without hurting animals or the environment.

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“We’re doing something revolutionary.” When the city told Mary Mattingly that she couldn’t grow fruit on public land, she got creative.

The 38-year-old Brooklynite designed a “food forest” with 80 species of plants that floats on the Hudson River.

War vets, people with disabilities and car-crash survivors — potentially anyone with a shattered bone — could benefit from these groundbreaking Brooklyn-based scientists.

Epi Bone, a biotech firm, is the first company ever to grow living human bones from a person’s own cells.

“You start to get really scared and it gets you thinking: How can I prevent this from happening? “I found testing strips for drinks, but they were kind of socially awkward.

I couldn’t see myself using them on a date or in a bar. He teamed up with a chemist from Worcester Polytechnic Institute to make color-changing straws that detect “date rape” drugs, such as Rohypnol, ketamine and GHB.

The bright ideas promise to improve health, agriculture and art across the globe — while providing fun for some of the scientists along the way.

“We’re a cross between [‘Ironman’ alter ego] Tony Stark’s lab and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory,” quipped Annelie Koller, a senior design researcher at Modern Meadow, which is using living cells to grow leather.

Researchers take a sample of fat tissue from patients, along with a three-dimensional X-ray of the bone they want to engineer, then grow it on a scaffolding-like structure.

The firm’s CEO, Nina Tandon, 37, said it works better than a traditional procedure in which bones are removed from other parts of the body.

In July 2008, the corpse of a strange animal washed up on a Long Island beach. Scientists there conduct livestock research to stay one step ahead of harmful pathogens that could damage the nation’s food supply, he said. The thing that keeps cheeseburgers affordable, healthy and tasty is Plum Island,” he said.

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