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When I opened up Windows Update, it said that I must first install an update for Windows Update.I clicked "Install now" and it attempts to install, but then goes right back to the original page.Depending on the version of Sophos the shield may be solid (version 7) or appear as an outline (version 8). The current Sophos client will continue to update automatically until November 2012 at which point you will have to download and install a new version of the software.

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I tried this and it would not allow me to change the name.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions concerning Sophos Anti-Virus.

If you are looking for information about the Flashback/Flashfake virus infection on Mac computers please see our Flashback page for removal tools and other information about protecting your machine and data.

If the Oxford Sophos Antivirus Installer fails to install Sophos for Windows it will display a red shield and the message Install Failed. There can be a number of reasons why the installation fails but the most common reason is that you already have another antivirus software product installed such as a product from Norton, Mc Afee, AVG and others.

To change the settings select We are currently distributing Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows version 10.0, Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X version 8 and Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux version 7.5.

Additional Sophos software is available to registered IT Support Staff - see the Information for IT Support Staff page.Because of the computer unable to update, I am no longer able to print or open up any Microsoft programs, such as Word or Exel.When I try to open these programs, it tells me that not updating the computer could affect the stability of the computer and that I would need to go to Windows Update to install new updates.The shield can appear in a variety of colours, and can have additional symbols superimposed on top of the shield. Blue and white shield with yellow triangle and exclamation mark You will see this on Windows systems running Sophos for Windows version 10 and above. NB when you download the Sophos client you will automatically be registered on the sophos-users mailing list.NB on Windows 7 the blue shield may not be visible. Solid grey shield This icon is used by Sophos for OS X version 7 and means that on-access scanning is disabled so that Sophos will not automatically be checking for viruses when you open files on your computer. It indicates some sort of problem or action that you need to take. Outline black shield with cross in the centre On OS X systems running Sophos version 8 then if updating fails then you'll see a black shield with a cross in the middle of it. This is used only to notify you of major changes or updates to Sophos.If you have uninstalled any other antivirus software and still have problems installing Sophos then you will need to send us some log files to help us figure out what has gone wrong.

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