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Trish talked about the two years when she knew that nothing and no one mattered to her husband like the next dose.

He even found childhood photos and his bronzed baby shoes left in the basement of the rowhouse, which was demolished years ago.

He was a year and a half into recovery when they met.

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So please, she asked the city health officials leading the meeting, open a place where people in addiction can use drugs safely, under the supervision of medics who can reverse an overdose.

Because if it came to it, she’d rather have Bill alive. The quiet but strong-minded daughter of a police chief from Roanoke, Va., Trish Kinkle came to Philadelphia on a mission trip with her church and fell in love with the city and the families she worked with in a neighborhood long scarred by drug epidemics and economic blight.“But at some point I would have had to say we can’t do this anymore. The longest he ever held out after leaving detox was three hours.Our children can’t.” She told Bill that as long as he kept fighting, she would stay. He tried quitting cold turkey, and writhed in agony in an upstairs bedroom until Trish couldn’t bear it, and sent him to Kensington to get the drugs he needed to dull the pain. Yet again, Trish would text him and call him and check the bank account. If he’s in the bathroom too long, I’m knocking on the door.” Finally, they told the kids — who were never left alone with Bill before he was sober — that dad needed to go away for a longer time.Trish Kinkle knows what it is to text her husband frantically to learn if he is still alive.How it feels to scour the bank account to see if he has drained it to buy heroin. How to tell three toddlers daddy has to go away to get help.She got a master’s in social work at Temple University.

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