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Most recently, Bianca had to undergo surgery on her vocal cords last year which could have potentially ended her career.Since then, Bianca has been on the ultimate rollercoaster ride.Bianca also spoke to Ruby Rose about her role in the third installment to the series.

Watch STUDIO 66 live, 24 hours a day - click here to see the shows ....

Watch STUDIO 66 live, 24 hours a day - click here to see the shows So looks like Bianca will be one of those from home sort of deals She previously said she couldnt do the travel which is why i was suprised when she said she was joining S66 and i thought her situation had changed but i guess this is the solution.

Et ne COLLEZ pas de texte dans le jeu - le lecteur flash va probablement planter.

The copyright holder may sue for compensation cost from 0 to 0,000 or one year in jail.

I’m thinking about maybe making a few changes this year so I can do more creative work and less administrative work.

I’m now getting back out there and putting music out!

After being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age, she had to quickly adapt to her surroundings.“The Re-Introduction” is a way for me to re-introduce myself to the public and to my fans without straying too far away from who I used to be!

This is music that I’ve written and re-worked over the last few years in finding myself that I was just never able to put out.

Well January started off rocky, LOL, but after recovery I was 100% ready to take on the year with a new attitude and new music!

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