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IMO Track IR (or DIY/Cheaper equivalent) is a must have until VR becomes a thing we can all afford and run properly.

Having used Track IR since launch I cannot play without it.

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to help Commanders find trade routes and particular modules in io for everything from trading to finding modules to Powerplay system research.for tracking your assets, progress, captain's logs, etc.

Also some community/wing tools.for shipbuilding & theorycraft Captain's Log for exploration logging Teamspeak/Discord/Vo IP of choice for hanging out & communicating with wingmates EDMC for contributing to eddb and similar databases Voice Attack/similar for voice control Track IR/similar for head trackingjoyfocus for smoother multi-tasking over multiple monitorsalso try for trading. As i started using it, i was like "what the hell is going on here? i like it , especially using it on tablet beside my keyboard/monitor.

While many Indonesians can communicate in English, you can always impress them by greeting them using Bahasa Indonesia, their native tongue.

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I imagine there are videos on You Tube that show head tracking in Elite.

It isn't 1:1 (though you can set it to be) so if you turn your head say, only 10 degrees to the side it turns 75 degress in the game so you are still looking at the monitor but in game your looking at the side screens of your ship.

Optimus felt several systems shut down and restart, and finally his external sensors came back on line, or at least, some of them.

He struggled to move, the slab was cold, and the sound of cackling was disturbing him. Optimus tried to speak, but only managed a burst of static.

This time, perhaps due to her fear, the distortion was much, much worse.

He didn't know what exactly happened, other than a brief realization that he was falling and Elita was hanging from another grappling line looking down at him with her mouth open- screaming, he thought.

And I might be using a couple old headcanons that I once played with a long time ago mixed with some references to other Transformers series. Elita's optics had widened far past what he thought was possible for their specs and her grip on his leg and pede was definitely starting to hurt. " They were running out of time to escape and he had stopped ascending when Elita had grabbed onto him, the yanking motion temporarily jamming his ascending mechanism."I'll try." Elita's voice actually sounded like it was trembling.

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