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Posted in Uncategorized The Mt Kembla mine disaster was Australia’s most deadly peacetime disaster until the Victorian bushfires of 2009, and remains Australia’s deadliest industrial accident.

A hearing between the proprietors of Southern Collieries and their employees was to reconvene that day at the Arbitration Court in Wollongong; the miners were hopeful the dispute would result in a raise in their pay rate.

They were paid a hewing rate (an amount per ton of coal they cut).

Harold Frederick Shelden was the station master of Dapto station, and lived in the station master’s cottage with his wife, Louisa Maud Shelden, and their children including 19 year old George. Shelden, however, had had considerable time off work due to ongoing illness, including nerves. Shelden was being cared for by a doctor in Wollongong.

Upon being discharged, he was home for ten days before the Shelden’s lives changed forever. Shelden and her children were in the kitchen making lunch, when a man burst into the kitchen. Boundaries consist of Fairy Meadow Beach to the east, Squires Way to the west, Elliotts Road to the north and Fairy Lagoon/Creek aka Para Creek to the south.

Many locals believe the land is haunted by the victims of these crimes particularly the spirit of a young girl of about 15 years who was allegedly raped and stabbed to death by two men.

After they had completed their brutal crime, they were said to have thrown the victim’s body in the ocean.

It was just an ordinary work day for engine driver, Ernest Henry Morgan, who drove the 8.55am train from Sydney to Kiama.

He was travelling along the line going through Kembla Grange.

During a inquest it was discovered there was a small gap in the fencing that ran near the track, small enough to a child to squeeze through.

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