Validating cluster resource ip address

User's outlook shows that it is connected to site Bexchange server. Validation errors Validate Resource Status Validate that cluster resources are online, and list the cluster resources that are running in separate resource monitors. Validating cluster resource File Share Witness (\Node2com\com) (\Node2com\com). This resource does not have all the nodes of the cluster listed as 'Possible Owners'.

We did a validation check and got the following errors and the other errors are from the Cluster event viewer. The group that this resource is a member of will not be able to comeonline on any node that is not listed as a 'Possible Owner'. The functionality that this resource provides is not available while it is in the offline state.

Run the Validate a Configuration wizard to check your network configuration.

validating cluster resource ip address-17

: Disabled From **Print Server02** Windows IP Configuration Host Name .

Use the script on this page to query VM mac addresses: it to your misbehaving MAC address and examine the machine carefully.

Dear All, We have installed Exchange 2010 DAG with the following architecture: AD and Exchange 2010 in Site A and Exchange 2010 in Site B 1.0/24172.16.1.0/24 and 1.0/24 subnets are for MAPI192.168.1.0/24 and are for replication NIC 1 is connected via sonic wall site to site vpn for MAPINIC 2 is connected using vyatta site to site vpn for replication Everything was working well until the exchange 2010 in the main site auto reboot after an update.

The issue we are having is that when we failed back to themain site after the exchange 2010 in site A came back oniline it automatically switches back to Site B.

Which server is node1com and which server is node2com?

If node2 is Server A, then I am leaning towards you removing Hotfix Id Description KB2518295 Security Update from it. : Enabled From **Print Server01** (the Active Node) Windows IP Configuration Host Name . : au Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection* 8: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . This can happen if the cluster nodes momentarily lose contact with each other. : Disabled The IP Address conflict error occurs when more than one node in a cluster attempts to bring a resource group (and its associated IP(s)) online at the same time. : Enabled Ethernet adapter Cluster Private Network: Connection-specific DNS Suffix .

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