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Placing way markers and building styles and bridges the volunteers are still hard at work and slowly overcoming the problems.There are still fences to get over in some places and getting permissions from landowners all require time and sometimes cash.The focus is on pipistrelles, noctule, serotine and Daubenton's bat as these illustrate a range of different bat sounds. Following recent community engagement on the establishment of an East Caithness Community Sport Hub, we are delighted to announce that the Hub's first meeting will be in held in Wick.

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If changes are needed email to [email protected] Health Action Team(CHAT) have had numerous contacts from indiviuals and families unhappy about the services they have received.

Many people are unsure how to complain and in order to assist CHAT has asked Citizens Advice to assist.

Defibrillators Update Locations Found As At 11 April 2018 Do you know of others in Caithness?

Jamie Stone MP for Caithness Sutherland and Ross writes today on his Facebook page - "Today I've written to Nicola Sturgeon to express my concern at the high levels of chronic disease in Caithness that were reported in this Monday's Press & Journal.

The game of chess might not help you build your biceps or tone your abs, but your lifelong mental health can certainly benefit from it.

And a sexy and beautiful mind is one of the best assets you can show off!Please come and join the Caithness Orchestra for a day (10.00am-1pm and 2-5.00pm) rehearsing Faure's Requiem (Hamelle version including violins in the orchestration).6 April 2018 Calling All Caithness Village Halls - Can You Check Your Contact Details Can someone from each village hall check the contact details listed.The very high number of health problems experienced by people in the Far North make it more urgent than ever that higher levels of government step in to assist the local NHS.Good Governance Training will be delivered in two sessions Wednesday 9th May 7pm-8.30pm. , Ever wondered why you have members and why they are there How your committee works How your group is made up.This particular group has grown over the last 12 months and now occupies a bigger room in the facility.

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