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During the ^ning days of the controversy, Falwell warned that thia bla^hemous film would lead to anti-aaimi Umi.

The not-so-suhtle point of Herr Falwell was that the Hollywood studio t hat owns the niin MC,\, IS run b\ a n, lined Lew as in . Hence, once again, the Christ- killei s were up to their old tricks.

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Florida Flambeau MONDAY, AUGUST IS, 1988 SHHVISd TALLAHASSEE FOR 74 YEARS VOL. 1 Women in charge Pia Boston (above) and Tricia Haisten wilt both cap'their university careers as student body presidents of Florida A&M and Florida State universities Both have had I ov'-'LOine setbacks during their rise to the top, and both are justifiably proud of their position This year the Flambeau s annual Welcome Back issue features profiles of Boston (page 11) and Haisten (pag« 10). If you've get what it takes, you'll join the staff of a paper whose alumni have gone on to collect three Pulitzer prizes, in add-on to a number of other ewaids. (In fact, if one takes Biblical tradition seriously, the .

in addition to a number of stories designed to keep you up to date on what s been going on in Tallahassee. 1 Meet the Flambeauzos 1 Pike case continues 1 Prosictontlal foi Uet... For more on p«opl« you'll be amrfciag tv Mi, tm p«ft 12. Jew-, ;uh I , c tiiie IViini I he -^ame race i I am not one to belittle the horror of the l Iolocau M, but the strateg\ ol unnking what the li'ws went through at the hands of Hitler as I I stifkatim for their stand on the Palestine is Me i;raph would Ih' answered in t In .i H'i\e by today 's Palestinians.

we must not ( ;n Ty this line of reasoning to unreasonable extremes.

Israel cannot Iteep its tight grip on the lai^ in ti M name ef" seeurt^ r MSMdi*' 9Mm».

U)K(i in wliitli viitm^,' rnaihiiies maltunctiont'd and many voters were turned away from the poll- T\\f man who supervised that election.

Republican Jan Pietrzyk, is running for re-election. )cnin County v^rs \u A been violated He dropped tkt Mlt mm a jwar later in November of 1987 "It became oiivious it was the kind of suit we had to win at the Florida Supreme Court," said Sancho, a Florida State University law school graduate "We were looking at three to four years of litigation.

There is a grwtt ICBd Mcy M b Mh s Mies tow Md emotionalism, the "real isst KS," to use Mr.

Sims* demand an impartial vision and rational argumentation, not the kind of slipshod logic and emotional appuls which Ifr. AMon Mi M Ace in the hole Kditor: The Montgonmry tennis courts are an absolute disgrace They're covered with potholes and many •lie without llet,^ If KSt ■ wiin I ki i [j i Iii Hi up, they should i)e i(m\erle(l into an .nidilional periling Ic A for - as .

The Pmi Robertson peepk wn^e it." According to the Conititution article, many of the protesters are refusing to leave Fulton County jails where they were taken after arrest Their ini arceration is costing taxpayers $S,000 a day So to the Democrats 1 say, ask not, "Where was George, but Where does George come down on the estremiam of Pat R^bwtaon and hia band of faaatk»? Ins been ( h;il iuii i i/ed hi, snme iil the most blatant oulbursts of I So to the Democrats I say, ask not, 'Where was George?

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